Feeling constrained by my creative method, I intentionally redirect the composition and compose spontaneously. Some of my previous work required a detailed understanding of how the piece would come together. For example, if large and sewn, I needed to know how to build the composition in advance. Often requiring I sketch and design most of the details in advance. Although this working method has value, I started feeling constrained by this process. Therefore, in creating this series, I intentionally swerved. Whenever the piece’s direction became so clear I knew the following steps, I purposely changed direction, forcing myself to reevaluate my composition. This revamping of my working method gave way to these whimsical and colorful pieces of work.

I created most of this collection between 2014 and 2016.


Shannon Maisel Art

My name is Shannon, and I make art. Click on an image to learn more about each  collection, like what inspired me to make it and what materials I use. If you want to set up a viewing, buy original artwork, commission artwork, or know more about my process, please get in touch.


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