I am combining inspirational women, birds, and flowers in this series for each of these drawings. First, the women in these drawings are people I admire for their leadership qualities. Second, the birds chosen are migratory, and each one has a connection to the place of the person pictured. Third, the flowers considered weeds by some are robust, resilient, and difficult to eradicate. Finally, the collection is titled Pantsuit Portraits because of the political significance the power suit plays in today’s world- these are contemporary suffragettes.

I created most of this collection in 2021 and it continues to grow.


Shannon Maisel Art

My name is Shannon, and I make art. Click on an image to learn more about each  collection, like what inspired me to make it and what materials I use. If you want to set up a viewing, buy original artwork, commission artwork, or know more about my process, please get in touch.


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