Commissions Collection

Commission me to make the next piece of work for your collection. Together we decide the piece’s size, the material used, and the content of the artwork. You and I work together to determine the timeline for the piece’s completion, estimate the piece’s price, agree upon studio visits to see the work as it progresses, and give your feedback for the work’s direction. Upon signing the contract, half of the estimated price will be due. Upon completion of the work, the remaining half is due. I look forward to working with you!


Shannon Maisel Art

My name is Shannon, and I make art. Click on an image to learn more about each  collection, like what inspired me to make it and what materials I use. If you want to set up a viewing, buy original artwork, commission artwork, or know more about my process, please get in touch.


Get In Touch

Located in Leipzig, Germany • +(49) 179 602 0023