My interest in pattern as a language continues in this collection as I combine Kentucky landscapes with specific quilt blocks. In the large diptych, Looking Toward Lois and Looking Toward Denzel, the painting’s border quilt patch is called the Kentucky chain. In Drunkards Path, the same name’s quilt block is placed underneath the landscape, which includes the barn my great uncle burned down when he had too much to drink. All of the work in this series incorporates the language of the patch with an image of Kentucky.

I created most of this collection between 2009 and 2010.


Shannon Maisel Art

My name is Shannon, and I make art. Click on an image to learn more about each  collection, like what inspired me to make it and what materials I use. If you want to set up a viewing, buy original artwork, commission artwork, or know more about my process, please get in touch.


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